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last updated: March 1, 2016


Estrus Synchronization Planner
Beef Reproduction Task Force

The Beef Reproduction Task Force is providing this planner tool free of charge. Please register at the link below to receive access to the Excel® spreadsheet. Your contact information will allow us to notify you when updates occur.

Learn more about the Estrus Synchronization Planner

Register to download Estrus Synchronization Planner v16.3 (click)

(Note, the primary Excel® file of the planner is updated as of 3-1-16.)

Download Tips for Bovine Estrus Synch Program Users (pdf)

how to downloadHow to download the estrus synch planner

video [3:49]


how to useHow to use the estrus synch planner

video [13:35]


Supporting Documents

Preferred Systems

Heifers - E-AI

Cows - E-AI

Heifers - E-AI with Cleanup AI

Cows - E-AI with Cleanup AI

Heifer - Timed AI

Cow - Timed AI

Less Preferred Systems

Superseded Systems

About the Estrus Synch Planner

Beef Reproduction Task ForceThe Beef Reproduction Task Force is providing this planner tool free of charge. The Microsoft® Excel compatible spreadsheet assists herd managers in making the right management decisions and establishing a program calendar for each day and each task.The Estrus Synchronization Planner works with your program to:

Need help with the Estrus Synchronization planner? Call 515-294-9910


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