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last updated: November 8, 2014


EHD Health Concerns in Iowa


Contacts: Grant Dewell, ISU Extension beef veterinarian, 515-294-2822,
Sherry Hoyer, Iowa Beef Center, 515-294-4496,

AMES, Iowa -- Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) is again causing health concerns in Iowa cattle herds. EHD is a viral disease normally found in white-tailed deer that's spread by biting midges.

Iowa State Extension beef veterinarian Grant Dewell said cattle can be affected although clinical disease is not as severe as in deer.

"In cattle the virus causes ulcerations in the mouth and occasional lameness, and pregnant cows may be at risk of aborting the fetus," he said. "Most cattle will recover but death from dehydration has been reported."

Concentration of deer this fall due to the extension of drought may be contributing to recent increase in cattle disease in southeast Iowa.

To protect cattle, producers should make sure their fly control measures are adequate. Fly tags applied in the spring will not be providing sufficient insecticide levels this late in year. Once a killing frost occurs and kills the insect vectors the disease will disappear until next year.

For more information see this EHD page on the Iowa State Veterinary Medicine website.



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