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last updated: February 24, 2015


Beef Ration and Nutrition Decisions Software (BRaNDS)

BRaNDS is a series of spreadsheet programs using the net energy and metabolizable protein systems. Using Microsoft Excel, it assists producers in balancing rations for all types of beef cattle. BRaNDS helps optimize the utilization of on-farm resources, featuring 5 ration modules. View the brochure with module availability for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana and Nebraska. See purchase information by module at links below.

What exactly does BRaNDS show you? View a report output sample.

BRaNDS support
Quick Notes regarding BRaNDS Setup and Use

BRaNDS modules
BRaNDS 0100: Standard Cow & Heifer Edition
(Kansas Standard Cow & Heifer)
(Missouri Standard Cow & Heifer)
(Montana Standard Cow & Heifer)
(Nebraska Standard Cow & Heifer)
The Beef Cow Module uses criteria like condition score, production stage, breed type, weather conditions and feedstuff utilization to determine if nutritional demands of the herd are met.

Included is a modifiable feed library. Replaces previous ISU cow program MCS 13. The Heifer Module in a calendarized or lifecycle approach that can go back to a baby calf and be utilized through the third trimester of the first pregnancy to do developing heifer rations. This program incorporates the target weight concept to assist the user in balancing rations that meet target daily weight gains. Batch mix and TMR are included.

BRaNDS 0200: Growing and Breeding Bull, standard edition
Ideally suited for bull test rations, the Growing and Breeding Bull Module takes into account factors influencing nutrient demand and feedstuff choices to determine if weight gain goals are met. This module is for breeding age bulls. Like the Beef Cow Module in concept, this program assists in optimizing the use of feedstuffs in maintaining the herd bull battery.

BRaNDS 0300: Standard Feedyard Edition
(Nebraska Standard Feedyard)
This module helps solve everyday feedlot ration problems. Besides normal cattle descriptions, frame size defined by weight at 50-percent choice, facility type, environment and feedstuff mixes are used to calculate whether daily gain goals are met. Implant type, Optaflexx, MGA are included. Replaces previous ISU feedlot program MCS 7.

BRaNDS 0400: Complete Standard Edition
Purchase all Standard Edition Modules (0100, 0200 and 0300) and pay one low price.

BRaNDS 0500: Professional Edition
(Kansas Professional)
(Missouri Professional)
(Montana Professional)
(Nebraska Professional)
This version was developed with the frequent ration developer and consultant in mind. Included are modules for breeding cows and heifers, growing and breeding age bulls, stocker cattle, and feedlot cattle, with numerous enhancements in each module.

This edition allows you to evaluate rations for groups ranging in weight and production stages. Added features include: all modules are incorporated into one edition with a shared feed library; capability of multiple feed library storages; multiple client folders with multiple ration storages; added professional ration analysis printouts; least-cost formulation; custom mix module; feedout projections and total feeding period amounts using formulated rations.

See more information, including a downloadable order form, on the ISU Extension and Outreach online store.

NOTE: Standard Editions require Microsoft Excel on PC or Macintosh computers. The Professional Edition requires a PC running Microsoft Excel 97 or later editions, including Vista and Microsoft Office 07.



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