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last updated: June 24, 2013


Feedlot Monitoring Software

About the software
This software helps monitor performance and costs for feedlot operations. No matter whether you are a custom feeder or work with a commercial feedlot, this software is designed for you. It will help you determine whether nutrient requirements are being met and the average daily gain for your cattle. You also can determine your production costs, which will help you decide what price may be paid for your cattle. As another tool, this software also includes "what if" questions regarding an animal's response to diet and environment, as well as production cost implications.

The Feedlot Monitoring Software is designed for Microsoft Windows and has been updated with the 1996 NRC requirements for beef cattle. For ordering information, click here.

Troubleshooting guide
To help our customers, we offer a free troubleshooting guide with this software. To access the troubleshooting guide, click here.

Software features

Performance, Income, and Cost


Billing Invoice

Feed Inventory

Management Requirements of Feedlot Monitoring

Feedlot Monitoring offers many option for entering your information as well as reports on your data, for example:

Examples of reports

Computer requirements

Ordering information
The Feedlot Monitoring Program is available to Iowa residents for $400 and to out-of-state residents for $450. To order the Feedlot Monitoring Software program, click here.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Contact Extension Distribution for educational discounts.

A troubleshooting guide is available at no cost to accompany the Feedlot Monitoring Software. Also available at no cost is the Feedlot Summary Closeout Summary Software, a ZIP file that allows you to summarize and sort closeouts generated by the Feedlot Monitoring Software.

The Iowa Beef Center will run Feedlot Monitoring records for those who do not wish to navigate the software themselves. For more information, contact Garland Dahlke at 515-294-9910.


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