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By C. Amul. University of North Texas.

Osteoblasts surrounded by mineralized osteoid gradu- ally lose their ability to form bones and they become Remodeling of Bone osteocytes 250 mg chloromycetin visa. The cytoplasmic connection between osteoblasts and which is synchronized by bone formation and resorption osteocytes become canaliculi (Fig 500mg chloromycetin with mastercard. During the growth period order chloromycetin 250mg with visa, bone formation exceeds nutrients, chemicals and waste products between the bone resorption so that the bone mass increases. During the adulthood, rate of formation and resorp- tion is almost balanced so that the bone mass remains Osteoclasts unchanged. Therefore, they are large, multinucleated cells mation so that bone mass slowly decreases. Chapter 61: Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism and Physiology of Bone 553 A B C Fig. They cause bone resorption by secreting proteolytic enzymes into the surroundings. The chemicals secreted by osteoclasts make the envi- ronment acidic that enhances the solubility of bone minerals and the enzymes secreted cause degradation of the organic matrix. Mechanism of Bone Formation E Formation of bone is the function of osteoblasts (Figs. Osteoblasts synthesize collagen and extrude it into the adjacent extracellular space (Fig. This process of transfer of calcium carried out by fibrils form the organic matrix of the bone, which is osteocytes is known as osteocytic osteolysis. In the osteoid, calcium-phosphate is deposited which mass rather removes calcium from the recently formed is called as mineralization of bone. The mineralized matrix slowly accumulates and sur- seal plate contains chondrocytes. The active chondrocytes synthesize cartilage that zation of matrix continues, the osteoblasts decrease gradually embeds the chondrocytes. The cartilage is slowly calcified and osteoblasts migrate cytes remaining inside the lamellae (Fig. Osteoblasts secrete osteoid that ultimately mineralize foundly influences the availability of calcium and phos- and the new bone is formed. The canaliculi that connect osteocytes from bone inte- plate lays down new bone on the end of the shaft. When osteoclasts are activated, proton pumps migrate to the cell surface and are inserted into the osteoclast membrane. Second Phase In the second phase, the acid protease enzyme secreted by osteoclasts destroys the collagen, the organic matrix. Within few years from the onset of puberty, the chon- Resorption drocytes become unresponsive to hormonal stimuli Normally, balance is maintained between the bone resorp- and lose their activity. Finally the epiphyses unite with tion and formation within its bone modeling units so that the shaft and this process is called closure of epiphysis bone mass is maintained within the normal range. Possibly, the balance is due to release of chemicals stops the linear growth of the bone. For example, when osteoclasts cause destruc- Epiphyseal closure determines age: the epiphyses of various bones tion of bone matrix, the chemicals released from the close in an orderly fashion in sequence and the age at which they close osteoclasts attract osteoblasts to the site. Osteoblasts then form bone matrix and fill the resorp- and young adults can be determined easily by taking x-rays of bones by tion cavity. There- Factors that Control Bone Formation and fore, resorption of bone decreases bone mass. But, it differs from osteo- Resorption cytic osteolysis in which the calcium is removed without Factors that stimulate bone formation: Growth hormone, bone destruction. Bone resorption is carried out by osteo- growth factors, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, vitamin D, clasts. Osteoclasts contain many mitochondria and lysoso- Factors that inhibit bone formation: Cortisol. The phosphatases, type 4-collagenase and lysosomal mone, cortisol, thyroxine, prostaglandins, interleukin 1 enzymes cause dissolution of bone matrix. In females, the process of bone resorption is facilitated In the first phase, H is secreted by osteoclasts. As tra- matrix is lost and more cavities are formed, which is not becular bones are metabolically more active, they are lost refilled by the osteoblastic activity. Treatment Causes the treatment is by administration of calcium or vitamin D tablets, or in worst case estrogen therapy. Neurologic deficits occur due to bones compressing Osteoporosis increases the susceptibility of bones to frac- on nerves and hematologic abnormalities occur due tures, especially in elderly. Calcium, phosphate and magnesium are essential for bone formation and mineralization. Calcium absorption from the intestine is inversely proportional to its intake, which prevents calcium overload when intake is high or maintains calcium concentration in low calcium intake. Osteoporosis, Functions of calcium and calcium metabolism, Mechanism of bone formation and bone resorption, Regulation of calcium and phosphate homeostasis, & Osteoblasts and osteoclasts, may be asked as Short Questions in exam. Scientist contributed Marcel Eugène Émile Gley (1857–1930) was a French physiologist and endocrinologist. He glands (2 superior parathyroids and 2 inferior parathyroids) located had demonstrated tetany in animal models after behind the thyroid gland. The total weight of the four glands is about 200 mg, the anterior aspect of the neck embedded posteriorly at four each gland weighing approximately 50 mg. The chief cells are the predominant cells in the parathy- Regulation of Secretion roid gland that are present throughout life. They appear in the glands during puberty and then the number ear between 3–6 mg% of the ionized plasma calcium increases with the advancement of age. Plasma phosphate: Usually phosphate does not affect acids is removed from amino terminal in endoplasmic parathormone secretion. Chapter 62: Parathyroid Gland, Calcitonin and Vitamin D 559 Increased reabsorption of calcium 2. About 1–2% of filtered load is bone fluid into the osteocyte and then from osteo- excreted in urine.

However order chloromycetin 500mg overnight delivery, normal thymus glands may occasionally prise the principal infltrating lymphocytes generic chloromycetin 500 mg mastercard. Thyroid function contain germinal centers discount chloromycetin 500 mg with mastercard, although the vast majority of nor- is frst increased as infammatory reaction injures thyroid fol- mal thymus glands do not. Patients with this disease have an that are critical to chemical transmission of the nerve impulse at the neuromuscular junction. AchR antibodies are heterogeneous with some showing specifcity for antigenic determinants other than those that serve as acetylcholine or alphabungaratoxin binding sites. As many as 85 to 95% of myasthenia gravis patients may manifest acetylcholine receptor antibodies. Thyroxine is a hormone that is synthesized and released by (a) the thyroid gland that regulates cell metabolism, body tem- perature, use of energy and normal functioning of the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Troid Tyroid follicle gland Section through Interfollicular the thyroid gland connective tissue (b) Figure 17. The disease can be passively transferred to naïve recipients by adoptive immuni- zation and differentiate into cytotoxic T lymphocytes (Tc) in vitro. Thus, lymphoid cells rather than antibodies represent the primary mediator of the disease. While the T cell subsets partic- ipate in the pathogenesis of Hashimoto thyroiditis, autoanti- body synthesis appears to aid perpetuation of the disease or Antibody to thyroid microsomal antigen result from it. Thyroid hormone replacement therapy without adjuvant leads to thyroiditis only in the murine hap- is given for the hypothyroidism that develops. The disease can be passively transferred to naïve recipients by adoptive immuni- Hypothyroidism is a condition where synthesis of thyroid zation and differentiate into cytotoxic T lymphocytes (Tc) in hormone by the thyroid gland is markedly diminished. Thus, lymphoid cells rather than antibodies represent the primary mediator of the disease. This IgG autoantibody can cross the placenta and produce transient hyperthyroidism in a newborn infant. Hyperthyroidism is a metabolic disorder attributable to thyroid hyperplasia with an elevation in thyroid hormone secretion. Biopsy reveals idio- hyperthyroidism with elevated levels of thyroid hormones pathic pulmonary fbrosis. Histopathology reveals a bronchus that in the blood and thyroid gland hyperplasia or hypertrophy. Autoantibodies specifc for thyroid antigens mimic thyroid stimulating Hamman-Rich syndrome. Patients may develop nervousness, in the blood, alveolar walls, and bronchoalveolar lavage fuid, tachycardia, and numerous other symptoms of hyperthy- yet the antigen remains unknown. They also have increased levels of total and free T3 believed to become activated after phagocytizing immune and T4. Three types of antithyroid kines which attract neutrophils that cause injury of alveolar antibodies occur: (1) thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin, walls leading to interstitial fbrosis. Pathologically, this is (2) thyroid growth-stimulating immunoglobulin, and (3) chronic infammation in the interstitial space with extensive thyroid binding-inhibitory immunoglobulin. The thyroid gland Areas of diffuse alveolar damage contain infltrates of lym- may be infltrated with lymphocytes. It is an IgG antibody specifc for thyroid hormone leading even to honeycomb lung in string cases. The disease may follow tibody that mimics the action of thyroid-stimulating hor- acute viral infection of the respiratory tract in one-third of mone in its effect on the thyroid. This IgG autoantibody reacts with the receptors on thyroid cells that respond to thyroid-stimulating hormone. Thus, the antibody–receptor interaction results in the same biological consequence as does hormone interaction with the receptor. Histopathology reveals It is the most frequent type of idiopathic interstitial pneu- fbrosis and infammation, numerous plasma cells, fbroblasts, his- monitis and has been referred to by various names including tiocytes, and vascular destruction. IgG modalities include corticosteroids or cytophosphamide in antibodies interact with large particles of inhaled allergen in lung transplantation. This may lead to pulmonary fbrosis following chronic breath, and reticulonodular infltrates appear on chest flms. Corticosteroids are interstitial changes in alveolar and interlobular septae with used for treatment. Patients develop hyper- calcemia, progressive skin changes, enlarged hilar, and ret- roperitoneal and peripheral lymph nodes without mediastinal node enlargement. There may be involvement of the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and central nervous system, as well as opportunistic infections. Faenia rectivirgula is the most frequently encountered inhalant in farmer’s lung disease, the most common type of hypersensitivity pneumonitis in the United States. Immunological Diseases and Immunopathology 549 Extrinsic allergic alveolitis is infammation in the lung produced by immune reactivity, mainly of the granulomatous type, due to inhaled antigens such as dust, bacteria, mold, grains, or other substances. Fog fever is an episode of acute respiratory distress in cows approximately 7 d after their removal to a pasture where hay has been recently cut. This disease may present as an atopic allergy in sensitized animals who are exposed to grass proteins, pollen, and fungal spores. Cattle may also have a similar reaction, which resem- bles farmer’s lung in man, if they have been fed hay contain- ing Micropolyspora faeni spores. Activated T cells are present at the periphery of the gran- Byssinosis is a disease of people who work with cotton, fax, uloma. Patients develop tightness in the chest from T cells nonspecifcally stimulate B cells, resulting upon returning to work after several days’ absence. The granulo- mas are typically noncaseating, distinguishing them from Thermoactinomyces species are Gram-positive, endospore- those produced in tuberculosis. Patients may develop fever, forming microorganisms, which together with Aspergillus polyarthritis, erythema nodosum, and iritis. Other ther- sweats, nonproductive cough, and increasing dyspnea on mophilic actinomycetes also play a role in the pathogensis exertion.

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Practice parame- unmet medical need and will help improve the healing and ters for the treatment of perianal abscess and fistula-in-ano (revised) buy 250mg chloromycetin visa. Endosonographic evidence of persistence of Crohn’s disease- associated fistulas after infliximab treatment chloromycetin 500mg without prescription, irrespective of clin- Summary ical response buy chloromycetin 250 mg on-line. Magnetic reso- Cell therapy has emerged as a new tool to improve wound nance imaging of the effects of infliximab on perianal fistulizing healing in a number of settings. Stem cell therapy for digestive tract diseases: current state effects, namely, immunoregulation and the local suppression and future perspectives. The With cell therapy, there is no injury to the anal sphincter global burden of diabetic foot disease. Mesenchymal stem cells home the immunoregulation effect and the local suppression to injured tissues when co-infused with hematopoietic cells to treat of inflammation, make of patients with perianal Crohn’s a radiation-induced multi-organ failure syndrome. A phase I clinical trial of the treatment of marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells accelerate wound Crohn’s fistula by adipose mesenchymal stem cell transplantation. DelaRosa O, Lombardo E, Beraza A, Mancheño-Corvo P, Ramirez Therapy Trial 1) and long-term evaluation. Endorectal flap advancement repair and fistu- indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase expression in the modulation of lym- lectomy for high trans-sphincteric and suprasphincteric fistulas. New approach to radiation burn treatment by Trébol J, Georgiev-Hristov T, García-Arranz M. Adipose-derived dosimetry-guided surgery combined with autologous mesenchymal stem cells in Crohn’s rectovaginal fistula. Wound therapy by marrow adipose tissue-derived stem cells for the treatment of Crohn’s mesenchymal cell transplantation. Autologous bone marrow- going adipose-derived adult stem cell administration to treat derived mesenchymal stromal cells in the treatment of fistulising complex perianal fistulas. Extrasphincteric fistulas encompass the Background entire sphincter complex and open internally into the bowel above the anus. They are the least common type and repre- Perianal and anovaginal fistulas represent a very challenging sent only 2–5 % of all fistulas. Perianal fistulas are more likely to develop in intra-abdominal intestinal source in patients with Crohn’s patients with Crohn’s disease involving the colon or rectum disease, which will respond only to bowel resection. Men, those Fistula classification and location can be very important who develop Crohn’s at a younger age, and non-Caucasians with regard to selecting the appropriate treatment options in are also at an increased risk of developing perianal disease. Fistulas the development of perianal fistulas is oftentimes a poor rarely follow these rules of classification in patients with prognostic indicator and portends a worse course of disease Crohn’s disease. The priority for physicians posterior Crohn’s fistula may be treated successfully with treating patients with Crohn’s fistulas of the anus should primary fistulotomy with good success and minimal risk of be preservation of the anal sphincter and avoidance of a per- incontinence. Regardless Types of Fistulas of the position of the fistula around the circumference of the anal canal, high fistulas are less likely to heal, more likely the classification of fistulas of common (cryptoglandular) to result in incontinence after treatment, and may require anal fistulas was described by Parks and Gordon in 1976. Intersphincteric fistulas are the most common, and comprise approximately 45 % of all fistulas. These fistu- Cryptoglandular Fistulas Versus Crohn’s las only traverse the internal anal sphincter and connect to Disease the perianal skin. Transsphincteric fistulas comprise 30 % of fistulas and involve both the external and internal anal It may be difficult at times to distinguish between crypto- sphincters. A small portion of the external anal sphincter is glandular and Crohn’s fistulas even though the pathogenesis usually involved. This distinction is anal fistulas and cross the internal anal sphincter, then pass important to make, as the treatment of these diseases is very upwards and around the majority of the external anal sphincter different. Fistulas which develop in an atypical location or do not heal regardless of multiple attempts with medical and surgical treatment point to a diagnosis of Crohn’s fistula. The terms trans-, supra-, and extra- refer to the exter- perianal abscess, fistula-in-ano, and pilonidal sinus. The pathogenesis of Crohn’s fistulas followed with a stronger emphasis on optimal medical remains poorly understood but is thought to be different than management to control rectal disease and reduce the autoim- that of the cryptoglandular form. The tract is then created by should trigger a search for active disease in the colon or small the pressure from the anorectum. Even if intestinal disease is not present, it is possible to ally more complex with branching and multiple tracts, which distinguish Crohn’s from cryptoglandular fistulas by identify- do not follow the typical pattern of cryptoglandular fistulas ing granulomas in the curettings from the fistula tract or areas or Goodsall’s Rule. Perianal skin tags may also yield fistulas, Crohn’s fistulas usually do not respond to operative pathognomonic non-caseating granulomas. Documentation of rectal mucosa involvement is a useful, noninvasive method which helps to distinguish essential to planning treatment. Fistulography mentioned, it can be difficult to distinguish between this is an older imaging modality which involves the injection of and other etiologies of perianal disease. Hidradenitis is a contrast into the visible external opening, with subsequent common diagnosis which may be confused with Crohn’s radiography. This technique has fallen out of favor for use in fistulas and may also occur in association with severe peri- perianal disease as it has been shown to have a low accuracy anal Crohn’s disease. A retrospective study showed that it was accurate in include additional tracts or abscesses within the groin or only four of 25 patients in delineating fistulas compared to armpit, multiple tracts in the perianal skin without connec- operative findings. Fistulography may be helpful in the cir- tion to the anal canal, and severe disease at onset rather cumstance of extrasphincteric disease or when used with than a gradual worsening in severity over time. The internal and external anal sphincters are well characterized, and therefore the relationship of the fistula tract to these structures can be determined. Undiagnosed patients may present with constant anal pain, For patients suspected to have complex disease extending pain with defecation, a painless draining perianal skin open- into the pelvis, such as in suprasphincteric fistulas, 1 mL of ing, a painful persistent abscess in the perineum, or unex- glucagon may be administered intramuscularly to help plained fever. Fibrotic fistulous tracts will a thorough history with regard to any prior episodes in the appear hypo-intense on T1- and T2-weighted images and past as well as other symptoms of Crohn’s disease including enhance with administration of gadolinium (Fig. A perianal and rectal exam should be but only granulation tissue will enhance with gadolinium performed in the prone jackknife position, looking for fistula (Figs. Buchanan found that disease recur- tracts, fluctuance, erythema, strictures, or skin tags. Sixty-three- gadolium, enhancement is homogenous throughout the fibrotic track year-old male with right lateral fibrotic intersphincteric fistula track. Current techniques in imaging of fistula in ano: containing tracks show peripheral low signal intensity and linear central 3D endoanal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. Schwartz prospectively demonstrated disease extending into the pelvis or ischiorectal fossa [9 ]. Seventy- of intravenous gadolinium, granulation tissue enhances (arrows in b), seven-year-old male with transsphincteric fistula track containing gran- while fluid within a track does not.

Even if there are no other relatives in your “Just as our entire body has different organs and we extended family known to have vision problems discount 500mg chloromycetin overnight delivery, have a brain as our control center purchase 250 mg chloromycetin otc, each cell has dif­ your eye findings may be caused by a new change in ferent ‘organs’ called organelles discount chloromycetin 250 mg online. Another organelle of the cell is the mito­ genetic process, I would like to ask some mcdical chondrion (or mitochondria when you arc talking questions about your extended family. In the region surrounding the nucleus, there ask questions about their family members and their medi­ are hundreds of mitochondria. If counselees are not aware their doctor and that act like batteries to produce the energy needed other medical professionals are considering a diagnosis of for the body cells to function. A person inherits all Explain the type of medical information needed (any of his or her mitochondria from the mother. In this way the coun- random distribution of the mitochondria in a process sclee is enlisted as a helper and the pedigree will be more called replicative segregation. The pedigree questions (Appendix 2) and to repeat similar questions symbol used to show this type of consanguineous relation­ phrased in different ways. This is a good opportunity to provide some statistics to allay the “While thinking about each relative, think about discomfort. Inform the counselees what the risks would whether he or she avoids walking or driving at have been if they had been counseled prior to having an night. If there is no prior history of a genetic disor­ any medical issues, like an extra finger or toe, diffi­ der in a family, unrelated couplcs have a 2% risk of a gcnctic culty with school,...? Also, consider whether your problem in each pregnancy; if a couple arc related as first relative has any medical condition for which he or cousins, the risk is 5%; if they are second cousins, the risk she repeatedly secs a doctor, even if the medical is around 3%. Did anyone lose three or more effect is initiated by a recessive mutation in a founder who pregnancies, or did any family member die at a passes the mutation to his children. For the retinal dys­ could unknowingly be distantly related and carry the same trophies, ask the counselee to consider whether any relatives gene mutation. Remember to ask counselees about their have difficulty reading or recognizing faces, seem clumsy ancestry and country of origin, since a common gene pool and trip often, or avoid driving at night; ask about anyone may suggest autosomal recessive inheritance. For albinism, ask One example of founder effect is the disproportionate if parents recall a cut or bruise taking longer than it should number of people affected with achromatopsia on the to heal. The population grew in the following years but biological family history and not that of an adoptive family 45 years later, in the fourth generation, many infants began or relatives who “married into” the family. For counselees having an aversion to light and by age 5 they could not who were adopted, make an effort to determine the bio­ distinguish colors or see fine details. Some counselecs respond literally to family the population, and it was due to inbreeding. Oliver Sacks, history questions, so reword some questions to maximize a neurologist who studied genetic disorders in the Pacific the chance of obtaining useful information. Islands, wrote the Island o f the Colorblind11 about the Case: When asked if any other family members were island and its people. Later, when asked by another professional document in the pedigree since those other affected indi­ if he knew any of his biologic family history, he indicated that viduals may already be known to your practice. It is important to appreciate the value of allowing time to pass from the time of diag­ nosis to the time of education about that diagnosis. The m aternal grandfather Is reported Many counselees come to our ocular genetics service to have high myopia. The c h a n c e of dxed parents were asked to h aw their child referred closer to age 2 5. The parent can then decline or pcstoone Joint Probability 1 /2 x (1 /2 )1 1/2x1 an appointment for their child until ih e child is closer tc the age of onset {= pnor x conditional) = 1/8 = 1 /2 = 4 /8 of parent s symptoms or becom es symptomatic. If parents would feel Fosterior Probability fl/8)/{l/8 + 4/8) (4/8)/(1/8 + more reassured with an ophthalmic eye exam , the referral can be {= joint / total) = 1 /5 = 20% 4/8) = 4/5 = 80% redirected to an ophthalmologist in their community. Answer: Successful gene testing will be the deciding piece of information to determine the pattern of inheritance for th:s family. Use of the to introduce a discussion about the rate of progression term “blind” suggests seeing nothing at all, so preferably and the vision endpoint expected in the counselee’s situa­ the word should be used with an explanation. It can also lead to the discussion of driving and the “blind,” “low vision,” and “legally blind” should be defined prospect of having the persons license revoked. In Ontario, Canada, (spouse, parents) understand that central vision is usually vision worse than the following values are considered “sharp” and our peripheral vision normally is “blurry” or legally blind for obtaining: "pixilated. Ask your counselee to keep when hearing Mom’s voice led the counselor to suggest looking at your hand while paying attention to the details that Mom notice how Samantha reacts when a family of your face. The friend goes to Samantha after napping and then how normal-sighted counselees inability to see such facial Samantha reacts to Moms voice and footsteps in comparison. Counselees appreciate being given a description someone explain visual fields to her. The counselor asked if and an explanation of the purpose for each eye test during she could hold Jias arms up to demonstrate. Now sweep your hands towards each each eye test so he or she can understand the patients trep­ other in front of you. She recalled finding a window of vision once as and be able to describe how and why each eve test is done. Normal vision is usually taken for granted; wc tious using the term “normal” vision and consider using rarely think about or discuss how we see. Use of these terms may hurt your patient rap­ Megans sister often teased Megan about being clumsy. Very-low-vision patients do not take otfense if you mother pointed to the table in front of Megan and said, use phrases like “good to see you again” “You can’t see that? Normal vision is Parents typically ask about current and future vision essential for copying from the board and seeing PowerPoint expectations and testing for their newly diagnosed child. Parents need to learn whether their local her to be more significant than other people. In Ontario, public schools offer parents who comment that their baby gets more excited more assistance than most private schools. Obtaining the counselees signed informed consent A discussion about the long-term effects of separation for both parents and child was initiated.

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