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last updated: November 8, 2014


Flood-related resources

Recent floods and excess water could mean changes to your grazing practices, feed supplies and management practices. Check out this list of resources from the Iowa Beef Center.

Production Assistance
Flood Recovery Checklists for Farmsteads – North Dakota State University
Cattle Checklist After a Flood – National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
Renovating Pastures or Hay Meadows Damaged by Flooding – Iowa State University

Financial Assistance
Rural Concern Hotline – Iowa State University
Livestock Forage Disaster Program – USDA Farm Service Agency
Livestock Indemnity Payments – USDA Farm Service Agency
Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees and Farm-Raised Fish Program – USDA Farm Service Agency

Manure Management
Iowa Department of Natural Resources Field Offices – to report over-topping of manure containment structures

Spring Manure Issue for Small Unpermitted Dairies and Open Beef Feedlots - IMMAG, Iowa Manure Management Action Group
Manure Management Concerns Caused by Recent Wet Weather - IMMAG, Iowa Manure Management Action Group
Manure Management Concerns Caused by Recent Wet Weather Blog – Iowa State University

Iowa State University Extension beef program specialists
Iowa State University Extension field agronomists
Iowa State University Extension farm management program specialists

More Information
Flooding and stored grain - ICM newsletter
Supplementing distillers grains on pasture
Distillers Grains for Beef Cows
Stretching Hay Supplies for Beef Cow Herds in a Shortage Year
Managing Cow Herd Feed Needs
Short-Term and Supplemental Forages
Using Distillers Grains in Alternative Cow-Calf Production Systems
Grazing corn residue: Using resources and reducing costs
High-concentrate feeding beef cows to reduce hay needs

North Dakota State University Flood Information
Salvaging Crops after Flooding (Hans Kandel, North Dakota State University)
Salvaging Stored Wet Feed and Grain (Ken Hellevang, Hans Kandel, Charles Stoltenow and Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University)


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