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Cow and calf in pasture A series of strategy-focused workshops in early 2017 will help cow-calf producers learn more about improving their operation's bottom line. Attend any of the sessions for more on feeding, including grazing harvest residue, cover crops and alternative feeds. Iowa State cow-calf specialist Patrick Gunn is organizing the series.
Iowa Forage and Grassland Council From producer panelists to academic and private industry representatives, the 2017 Iowa Forage and Grassland Council (IFGC) Conference will offer a wealth of information and experience to attendees. In addition to industry professionals, the conference also will feature two producer panels on extended grazing and grazing management experiences and break-out presentations on beef and sheep forage nutrition and mineral nutrition.
Drifless Region Beef Conference The upcoming Driftless Region Beef Conference will spotlight several big picture issues facing the beef industry, and organizers say they worked to bring great speakers to address these issues at the Jan. 26-27 event in Dubuque.
Cornbelt Cow Calf Conference logo The 2017 Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference agenda includes a variety of topics designed to help producers of all ages and production goals, and has launched a new website to make information and details of the conference agenda available to a broader audience. The Jan. 28 event is the premier educational event in Iowa for cow-calf producers.
Manure pumping at deep-pitted cattle barn. Copyright, Rachel Klein, ANR

Keep safety top of mind when agitating and pumping pits. Hydrogen sulfide levels can spike quickly and without warning during pit pumping, causing potential threat to human and animal safety. Because agitation releases gases from the manure, it’s essential to ensure adequate barn ventilation during agitation and pumping. The fresh air from this ventilation removes those gases and dilutes any concentrates. These resources provide information, fact sheets and videos on safety when agitating and pumping.

feedlot cattle See our updated page of resources, information, sources and answers for all species for the Veterinary Feed Directive.
A VFD webinar presented by IBC beef program specialist Chris Clark and hosted by Iowa Farm Bureau on Sept. 20 is archived on the IFBF website.
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