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The 60 days prior to the breeding season sets the tone for what your 2021 calving season will look like. Is your cow herd ready? To help producers optimize the success of getting more females bred earlier, the Iowa Beef Center will be hosting a webinar series focused on management preparations to ensure a successful breeding season. Sessions are April 14, April 16, April 21 and April 23. Participation is free, but you'll need to register to receive access.

Loading distillers grains into wagon for cattle feed Although the COVID-19 pandemic doesn't allow Iowa Beef Center to deliver in-person educational workshops and trainings, we are working to provide online and other virtual tools to help you become more informed producers. One of these opportunities is a Beef Quality Assurance training offered in webinar format. IBC, Iowa Beef Industry Council and the Minnesota Beef Council are partnering to help producers become BQA certified through this free virtual session on Wed., April 8, from 7 to 9 p.m.
Example of a good soil sample Fertilization is just as important for forages as it is for row crops to maximize productivity. This Integrated Crops Managment article, Spring Forage Fertilize Considerations, addresses spring fertilization considerations for forage crops and pastures. Also on this site, you can sign up to receive email alerts for the ICM blog and Crop News Daily. ISU extension field agonomists Brian Lang and Rebecca Vittetoe explains what producers should be planning and doing for their forage crops this spring.
Loading distillers grains into wagon for cattle feed Disruptions caused by COVID-19 grow each day. Volatility in the cattle market was one of the first disruptions, and now with ethanol plant slowing production or shutting down, local availability of corn coproducts may be limited. Iowa Beef Center director Dan Loy said making plans now based on current and potential input availability will help producers determine their next steps.
  Please see our COVID-19 page for information on changes to programming by and with Iowa Beef Center. We'll update as necessary.

Dealing with stress: Serious financial and other stresses continue to impact and affect those in our agricultural community. Here are links to some resources to help deal with a variety of stress concerns and grief. Remember also that the Iowa Concern Hotline is always available at 800-447-1985, and at

Beef Quality Assurance program graphic Looking for a BQA workshop? Check this listing on this page of the Iowa Beef Industry Council website for a location near you. This page also has links to our IBC personnel, online BQA training, information on BQA transportation trainings and more.
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