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last updated: November 8, 2014


Drought-related Resources

(Note: resources will be added as they are updated and available. If you have questions or need more information, please contact IBC.)

Lack of rain and soil moisture, warmer temperatures and windy conditions can mean changes to your grazing options, feed supplies and management practices.

Check out this list of resources from Iowa State University and other appropriate sources.

Iowa State University People
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach beef program specialists
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach field agronomists
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach farm management program specialists
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach campus specialists

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach drought information page

Meetings and programs

Crops and Livestock Options During Drought

Water and other resources
Coping with Drought-Affected Private Water Supply Wells

Cow-calf considerations
Creep Feeding Beef Calves (UNL)
Dry summer corn forage harvest options and management strategies (ISU)
Early Weaning In Drought Conditions (ISU)
Feeding Drought Corn Silage to Beef Cows (ISU)
Late summer forage options and management strategies in drought or dry summer (ISU)
Managing Cow Herd Feed Needs (ISU)
Strategies to Manage Cows in Dry Conditions (ISU news release)
Stretching Hay Supplies for Beef Cow Herds, IBC45 (ISU)
Tips for Strategic Culling, Cow Body Condition Scoring and Replacement Selection Scoring and Replacement Selection (KSU)
Wean Calves Early to Reduce Pasture Demands (ISU news release)

Grazing, Pastures, Forages, Grain
Emergency grazing of CRP acres extended to Nov. 30 (USDA news release)

Aflatoxins in Corn, PM 1800 (ISU)
Aflatoxin in Iowa information from Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (ISU)
Aflatoxin information from the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative (ISU)
Aflatoxins and related information ( 32-min. video segment of 8-21-12 ISU E&O webinar)
Aflatoxins/Mycotoxins in Corn and Guidelines for Cattle Feeding (27-min video presentation by ISU's Steve Ensley for UNL webinar 9-4-12)
Aflatoxin testing form pdf (for aflatoxin/mycotoxin testing only, done by ISU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory)
Alternatives for Drought-damaged Soybeans – Bean Crop or Forage (ISU)
Determining Moisture Level of Immature Corn Silage, Recovery 14 (ISU)
Getting Additional Forage this Fall (UWisc)
Hay and forage information, including hay exchange and sales for Iowa, U.S., and international locations (IBC website)

High Nitrates Carryover Likely In Drought-Stressed Corn (ISU)
High-Concentrate Feeding Beef Cows to Reduce Hay Needs (ISU)
Interpreting your forage test result IBC51 (ISU)
Iowa Crop Progress and Condition

Making Quality Corn Silage (ISU)
Sampling Fields for Nitrate Levels in Corn (ISU)
Short-Term and Supplemental Forages, IBC 07-9 (ISU)
Soybeans for forage, Recovery 19 (ISU)
Stretch Pastures in Drought Conditions (ISU news release)
Supplementing Distillers Grain to Beef Cattle Grazing on Pasture
Take Precautions When Feeding Drought Damaged Corn as Silage (ISU news release)
Using Drought Silage in Growing Cattle Diets

Herd and animal health
Blue-green Algae a Concern for Livestock (ISU news release)
Blue-green Algae (ISU)
Nitrates in Livestock Feed, Beef Cattle Handbook BCH-5610 (UIUC)
Nitrate Toxicity IBC 50 (ISU)
Potential for High Nitrate Levels in Drought-Stressed Corn Silage (NCSU)
Preventing Nitrate Problems in Drought-Damaged Corn (TAMU)
What's Ahead for Cows on Drought-stricken Pastures? IBC 49 (ISU)

Pricing and Financial tools
CRP Cost Calculator to determine forage cost when using emergency release of CRP ground (ISU)
Feed Energy Index spreadsheet (ISU)
Feeding Value of Drought-Damaged Corn Silage for Beef Cattle (ISU)
Livestock Enterprise Budgets, Ag Decision Maker (ISU)
Pricing alternative feedstuffs/By-Product Feed Price Listing (MU)

Weather maps and reports
U.S. drought monitor maps and forecasts
Midwest drought monitor map


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