What We Do


The Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, serves as the university's extension program to cattle producers. Our center comprises a dedicated group of faculty and staff from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. We work together to develop and deliver the latest in research-based information to improve the profitability and vitality of Iowa's beef industry.

At the Iowa Beef Center, we strive to be the No. 1 source "For all things beef." 

Our History

IBC was established in 1996 with the goal of supporting the growth and vitality of Iowa's beef cattle industry. As part of ISU Extension's Agriculture and Natural Resources program area, IBC is the outreach program for cattle producers and is the source of news, programming, information and research conducted by ISU related to the cattle industry.

Our team members include on-campus faculty and staff with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine and ISU Extension program specialists around the state. Cooperatively, IBC offers a wide range of services, including on-farm consultations, demonstrations and educational programs.

Our Work

Providing local access to resources

Each year, IBC works to develop and deliver the latest research-based information regarding the beef cattle industry directly to Iowa's producers. Financial support ensures producers have local access to nationally recognized experts and research.

Improving and ensuring quality

From the cow herd to the dinner table, IBC continuously addresses beef quality. Educational and informational programs emphasize quality beef production so consumers have a safe, delicious product.

Boosting producer profitability

IBC develops and uses benchmarking services such as record systems and software to help producers improve their bottom line.

Providing technical support

IBC provides technical support for the development of producer-focused decision tool aids and the success of beef systems.