Cow-Calf Operations

photo: Beef cow cares for her calf while on pasture.

Beef cow and calf on pasture

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2014 Cow-Calf Producer Survey link opens in new window/tab (IBC 101)

2014 Iowa Beef Producer Profile: A Survey of Iowa Cow-Calf Producers Summary link opens in new window/tab (IBC 101A)

Calving Management manual (online)

Cow-Calf Production in the U.S. Corn Belt (MidWest Plan Service MWPS-66)

Health Considerations for Confined Cow-Calf Operations link opens in new window/tab (IBCR 205)

Iowa Cow-calf Production Systems manual link opens in new window/tab (IBC 131)

Survey results - production practices of confined cow-calf operations link opens in new window/tab



Genetic Selection (IBC videos on the basics of EPDs)

Breeding Systems

Gene Marker Information


Fact Sheets

Gene Marker and Evaluation Centers

Performance Testing

Selection Decisions

Ultrasound Technology






Calf Nutrition

Coproduct Feed Management

Cow Nutritional Management

See additional supplemental feeds resources.

See additional forage resources.

Developing Heifer Nutritional Management

Drylot Feeding

Heifer Development (IBC videos and resources focused on best management practices of yearling and first-calf heifers)



Breeding Management Webinar Series (Videos)

Bull Reproduction Management

Cow and Heifer Replacement Management

Synchronization and Heat Detection Aids