Using the Feedlot Monitoring Program to record feed bunk scores. 

Using the Feedlot Monitoring Program to record feed bunk scores.

BRaNDS (Beef Ration and Nutrition Decisions Software)

BRaNDS is a series of spreadsheet programs using the net energy and metabolizable protein systems. Using Microsoft Excel, it assists producers in balancing rations for all types of beef cattle.

Estrus Synchronization Planner

The Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet assists herd managers in making the right management decisions and establishing a program calendar to assist producers when implementing a synchronization protocol in their herd.

Feedlot Monitoring Program

This software helps monitor performance and costs for feedlot operations. No matter whether you are a farmer-feeder, custom feeder, backgrounder, heifer developer, or a consultant working with commercial feedyards, this software is designed for you. It will help you determine whether nutrient requirements are being met and the average daily gain for your cattle.

Management Minder

The Management Minder is a web-based tool to help develop a yearly production calendar for your cow/calf, replacement heifer, or growing calf operation. The program contains an extensive list of activities that can be added to your customized calendar and you may add your own. Once created, the calendar can be downloaded to Outlook, Google, or Yahoo and be available on your mobile device and will remind you when it is time for vaccinations, purchasing supplies, or starting high Magnesium mineral. User guide

Manure Nutrient Value Calculator

This software helps determine nutrient values from all types of manure. It allows you to enter soil and nutrient analysis results, along with the desired application rate and the price of commercial fertilizer. The spreadsheet shows the amount of commercial fertilizer you'll need to apply and the total cost for applying all of the necessary fertilizer on a specific piece of land. Tips and help screens are built into the program, making the calculator easy to use. It includes the P-index for Iowa producers.

The Manure Nutrient Value Calculator is a spreadsheet program that works with Microsoft Excel 97 or newer and uses about 265K of space.
It is available through the Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University. For more information about the Manure Nutrient Value Calculator, contact IPIC by phone at 515-294-4103 or email.

Sheep Feedlot Monitoring Program

Modeled on the Feedlot Monitoring Program, this software is designed to help lamb feeders track production costs, lamb performance, and whether nutrient requirements are met.