Home Beef Processing

What you need and need to know

Food Safety

Best Practice for Proper Handwashing, 3:33  

Equipment and Supplies

Meat Processing Equipment, 4:01 Knives & Butcher Equipment, 3:20

Knives & Butcher Equipment, 2:27 Knife Sharpening, 16:42

Meat Production Tutorials

Beef Fabrication, 1:01:00 How to Make Homemade Jerky, 4:45

Smoked vs. Dehydrated Jerky, 6:00 Function of Salt, 3:13
Seasonings & Additives, 3:13 Summer Sausage, 8:32
Corned Beef, 9:50 Snack Sticks, 4:25

Meat Packaging

Freezer Wrap (double wrap), 14:10 Freezer Wrap (butcher paper), 2:20

Vacuum Sealing, 1:45 Wrapping Meat, 5:08
FoodSaver vs Chamber Vac Machine, 13:03  

Cooking Guidelines

Importance of Cooking to a Safe Internal Temperature, 3:17 Minimum Cooking Temperatures, 2:46

Thawing Guidelines, 3:19 Thermometer Use, 6:12
Beef Doneness Temperatures, 0:40  

Additional Information

Iowa State University

Beef Cuts

Beef Cutting Guidelines

National Cattlemen's Beef Association