Calving Management

photo: Beef cows caring for calf while on pasture.

Herd with calf on pasture

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In the beef industry, calving management is critical to production and profitability of the cow herd. USDA NAHMS data reports that approximately 12% of heifers and 4% of mature cows experience dystocia or a difficult delivery at calving. Calves born from a dystocia event are 3 to 25 times more likely to die at birth and have a 1½ times greater likelihood to experience a morbidity event prior to weaning. Proper care prior to and at calving not only can help reduce incidence of dystocia, but can also minimize deleterious impacts in the event that dystocia occurs.

Grant Dewell Renée Dewell Katy Lippolis

Associate Professor
Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal Med

Veterinary Specialist
Center for Food Security/Public Health